The joy of second hand books...

We love books in our home like you wouldn't believe. That's why we set up this. Fiction, non-fiction, poetry,  or design books it doesn't matter, it's just about having them around. It's how my mother brought us up and gave my sisters and I the ticket 'out'. It's one of the reasons Ed and I fell in love, and they are vital to me. Now, books can be expensive ( try buying them in NZ - sheesh! ), so second hand books can be a marvellous way of trying a bit of Graham Green, or stock up on chick lits for when your life (and brain) is too full, or, if you are very lucky, find a design book treasure. My favourite find is Carolyn Quartermaines 'Unwrapped'. Still one of my most referred to books.

Try charity shops - there are some fantastic stores out there now. Car boot sales, 'proper' second-hand book shops, market stalls or even Ebay (still trying to find 'Flair' the annual, for less than £50...). £1, £2 or £5 pounds for literally hours of entertainment, revelations or comfort.


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