Well, well, well!

Pia is fantastic. If we lived in the same city, I'd be plying her with risotto and citron tart. I thought that whilst she was nailing the next book, she might want a giveaway. Ahem, she waited until she was back. Look here. To thank her - and all of you who visit me, I've whapped off 15% discount off the store, if you fancy a shop. Pop in this code - L2RRCW - at the checkout. So hopefully you might find something you like, or even better, you may indeed win one of my favourite cushions ( I remember the music playing when I pieced this! )

Whatever - enjoy your week.


Etincelle said...

Beautiful quilts! Of course I have discovered you thanks to Pia, and of course I am gonna try to get the great pillow, but oh my... your quilts are to die for!!

Cath said...

Hi Cassandra

I've only just re-found you - I was following Atelier Ellis a while back :)

Congratulations on the move to London and the new store - it's gorgeous. I'm with you, Pia is tres fantastic!

x Cath

Kristine said...

Beautiful beautiful quilt.
I am in love.

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