The dilemna of a bedside table....

When I go to bed, I usually travel with tea and maybe a book or two, a magazine or three, pen, pad....... get the picture? Well, on my mission to embrace our flat and make it our haven, well the bedside tables weren't right for me. I like symmetry in homes, because it's more restful and easier on the eye. We had two different tables, different heights, different sizes. And worst of all, mine allowed me to keep adding to the pile described above.

So in a bedroom with a vintage silk quilt, antique danish wardrobe, modern art, barkcloth cushions and black metal windows, I went for the above. Two lovely, blackened brass indian tables. Eds has a lamp and a tiny brass pig on it. I have a bit more...... a picture that is dear to me, my glass koru, two special boxes I've had for years, and the first vase I bought when I arrived back in London. It's currently sporting a rose Ed stole for me whilst walking Lily late at night.....
Happy is - not too much stuff, but just enough to feel secure when you go to sleep.

PS: For once I bought new... the tables are from here.


Isa said...

I love your table!! and the whole display! I've mentioned it in my blog, since I'm looking for a night-stand and this really reflects what I'm looking for...

Vintage Simple said...

Beautiful. And I adore the way you styled this photo. I just love your serene approach to life, Cassandra. You are such an inspiration. Thank you.


Melissa de la Fuente said...

I am sooo happy I found you & your blog via the lovely Emma at Marion house blog. I adore your space already and have been having so much fun catching up on all the posts I have missed. Your home really is a haven, these tables are gor.geous. and I can't wait to see more! all the best :)

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