Sunday's class

Was terrific!

I love teaching - which is odd, as I am a tested and confirmed introvert. But the notion of helping people make something that means a great deal to them is vital to me. It doesn't have to be a quilt. But that's where I discovered the power of creating heirlooms. The original idea of quilting was to make something firstly that was practical, then personal, and most of all precious. I get frustrated by high street blandness, enthralled by hand-turned wooden bowls, disappointed by 'pretend' hand-made, but rather emotional about hand-thrown Welsh pots. 

My Poppa was a toy-maker. He died when I was five but I remember very clearly standing next to him at his work-bench making the wheels for the wooden trucks and tractors he made. My mother is the most phenomenal textile artist - I cant believe what she makes - and mostly for other people.

So, if my own small way I can get people to make something with love, for someone they love, then happy am I.

I have one last class before lying down for August (not really lying down, but it's sounds like what I should be doing). Come and join us.

As a last note - unbelievably Jane Brocket came to my class. It really was quite unbelievable. She wrote a lovely piece on it today. I'm thrilled she came, and it just confirms that creating Havens is really as important as I think it should be.


annette said...

I actually just discovered your blog through Jane's posting. Your defenition of haven as a place for "feeling of protection, intimacy and emotional connection" are what I am seeking to create in my own home. Struggling with it at times but it will get there. Wishing I could come take one of your classes. Maybe someday!

Anonymous said...

I came to your site via Jane's amazing blog. You are both REALLY talented. I love both of your style and creativity and the motivation behind it - creating special corners of your world that are safe, secure and comforting. I think the Danish call it hygge.

I would really love to do quilting and have been dabbling. But since seing your blog I am longing to do one of your courses except I am away for the last one this summer. I am hoping there will be some more perhaps over the autumn?? Please!!!?

Menopausal musing said...

Loving your work. Am tempted now to create embroideries specifically to include in quilts. . . . People must get soooo much from your courses.

Cassandra said...

Thanks for your lovely classes - there are further classes in Autumn. Just contact the PP and they should have the dates. I do hope people get something out of it. I do my very best!

Claudia said...

Hallo - another newcomer via Jane's blog! I'm off to book onto your August class - yippee! Claudia

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