Things that are pretty lovely....

A random selection of things that are just really inspiring at the moment.

Canvas. From the people (well the husband of) that brought us Ochre... quite a lot more affordable, still with the same integrity and just beautifully selected, useful things for your home.

Resist Indigo dyed vintage linen from here. I shouldn't share this....

Charleston Grey from Farrow & Ball. Some of our revived furniture is being painted in this. Really, really, really lovely. It doesn't look like poo, or sand I promise. In fact I staring at a small georgian table drying right now and it just looks luminous and, yes, lovely.

Yes, I'm sure everyone has heard of it, but I've been carrying etcetera etc around for weeks in my bag because of one! image. I won't crack the spine to scan it....

You can get it from here or here.
A room (and the rest of the house) I should be getting my hands on smartish to turn into a haven.

That should do it!


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