Front Doors - the importance of...

The best way to explain how I like to create homes is the following - when you put your key in the door and push it open, you should feel good, safe, uplifted and protected - a little flutter on the insides as it were. Your front door is the first contact between you and your home. It's important it's right.

Whether that means big numbers or a bright pink door, it doesn't really matter. It should be solid, with the right amount of locks for where you live, a way of seeing out before you open it so that you can avoid 'that' jittery feeling. Lights so that you can see when your putting the key in the lock during mid-winter nights and perhaps the most important feature - a personal expression of who you are. Duck-egg blue and a french antique number plaque - excellent. Black and modernist chrome numbers - smart. Cerise and stained glass - well you can't help smile at that.

Magazines and property programmes aplenty will tell you the importance of a good first impression for re-sale. All I can tell you is that your front door (and all that lies behind it) should make your heart happy and content.


Sara said...

Totally agree - and I am that person with the bright pink door (and a port hole)!
Thanks for your blog.

Cassandra said...

I wish I was brave enough to sport pink! Can't get away from bluey green or black though...

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