A myriad of ideas to finish the week with......

He's finally made it. A cabinet for many occasions - kitchen, bathroom, office. Antique pine which we have painted in our favourite Farrow & Ball ( oh to create a paint range.... ) Black. He's available in the shop now...

On to more serious pursuits
Sitting on a bench being idle.....

 There is something extraordinarily restorative in sitting on a bench doing nothing. In summer, a g & t and nothing on your mind. Now that we head into Autumn, a cup of tea and a four legged friend catching some afternoon sun. 

The above is a (terrible) shot of my garden in NZ. A resting spot between furious gardening episodes, or a place for cake with my mum, or a drink and chat with friends. At best though, sitting, doing nothing with my aged pussycat wrapping herself around my legs and two doggies lying in the sun. These are happy days.

Snapping to it, I wondered why I had planted rhubarb amongst the lavender and perennials...... 

Nature knows best
Who was it that said - if all else fails you, turn to nature to be your colour guide? Mother Nature is a very smart lady. She would never put things together that didn't work. As the season is changing, look how the flowers are drained of colour, autumn fruits are ripening and the bleached seed-heads, all work together to create beautiful, restful palettes. 

 The above pictures are from our last visit to Kelmscott. A simply magical afternoon.


Melissa de la Fuente said...

So gorgeous....all of it! That cabinet, that bench & that beautiful & such lovely restful moments. Those are my favorite.

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