It's been a topsy turvy, all over the place, never ending list week. However as I stand back and look at our found objects and revived furniture, I am happy(ish). Selling these on-line is of course the low risk, sensible option, but if I told you the hours I have spent walking the streets, searching the internet every which way but loose, to find that perfect atelier - well, you'd think I was obsessed. I've worked out what would suit me and Haven best. 

A working atelier that's open to you maybe three days a week. This means I can keep the creative juices flowing. I love people don't get me wrong, but seven days a week - no. 

How about we add in an area where I can teach and do design work for clients ? Lets throw in a few exhibitions of say - welsh pottery, or say, embroidered works. Would that be good? And then of course the workspace where quilts and cushions are made and furniture brought back to life

Don't be alarmed, but I even have the perfect locale - Peckham Rye/East Dulwich. Don't be snobs, it's a fantastic, vibrant and  beautiful conservation area, just a stones throw from the centre. The Anthony Gormley street bollards have won me over. So, would you come visit? and does anybody know anybody who knows someone that has that empty dream space. If I was a self help book reader, I believe this is called 'putting it out there'.

Come on - make my weekend!
PS: a post shamelessly about my needs as opposed to anyone elses. However, the upside would be somewhere lovely to visit...


mosswood said...

I'm afraid I haven't got the answer, but I hear your prayer.
Sounds like just the sort of dream I have for this little pocket of Australia. You never know, it;s probably just around the corner..

Cassandra said...

It causes one to wake up at odd hours doesn't it!

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