Mr Maslow - my hero

Yes - the above is a chart/graphy/pyramid thingy and I'm sorry about that, but this really is the best way to show the love to Mr Maslow.

As I scoot over the 40 line, I often think about a lecture I had in my first year of uni. An eccentric (and slightly smelly) lecturer went off piste a bit and introduced us to Mr Maslow. Mr Maslow based his lifes work on the notion that in order to be happy and fulfilled you must achieve the bottom tier before you can move your way up. You can't skip a tier or ignore some basic needs. 

Have a think about your own life, some lives you read about in gossip mags and somebody who sleeps on the street every night. Are they at the top of the pyramid? It makes sense doesn't it?

It was my most memorable lecture and a thought process that I wholeheartedly support, but until the last couple of years I didn't know how to work it in to what I wanted to do. Theory and doing.

Quilts - you betcha - physiological, love and belonging all wrapped up in some pieces of fabric and time.

Interiors - absolutely - because being in an expensively 'decorated' house doesn't mean you are safe, and have a secure relationship.

 And the community projects I work on - well that's just getting back to basics and giving people the chance to be happy.


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