The winter garden

There isn't much in our garden - the previous owners took most of it with them it seems. However, there is 50 feet or so of it, with a lovely big studio in the middle of it, and if you're in the  northern hemisphere you'll appreciate that it faces south.

We have a willow, which although beautiful, does not belong 10 feet from the house, so it has to go. We have a small (read diddy) fig, and unidentifiable soft fruit tree - again planted too close, and a large apple/plum tree. 
The only hint of colour is the yellow bush coming over the fence from our neighbours garden. A little bleak and about to get bleaker.

I have gardening books and catalogues at the ready and we are both excited about what we will be creating, growing and eating. I keep watching Nigel Slaters 'Simple Suppers' just to grab a glimpse of his paradise. 

Just a bit more paint scraping and then we can change the building gloves for the gardening gloves.


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