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Fiddling with the website this morning, I came across this photo. I took it when in New Zealand last year. It's a potters shed in the Coromandel and is possibly the loveliest little shed I've seen. It also represents a wonderful couple of days spent with my mum. I think I may have to print and frame.


Zoe O said...

Hi Cassandra,

Having just enrolled on your April quilting course at the PP (hurrah), I then discovered your beautiful website and blog. As a fellow kiwi and self-confessed anglophile living in London (with an admiration for Bloomsbury gardens - if only I could get a Vita-esque Silver Weeping Pear to thrive in Dulwich clay...) it's lovely to read your inspirational posts. I've been nodding in agreement!
I really hope the Breakspears project will work out.
Looking forward to April - all the best and thank you for your wonderful read,

Cassandra said...

Thanks so much Zoe. You've made me put Silver weeping pear on the ever growing garden list....... Look forward to meeting you in April. Cassandra

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