Hump day

If yesterday was a dull day of sanding  and painting ceilings (oh my neck), then today at least is a day of contrasts. 

A swift walk to the local DIY store early this morning uncovered gold – or silver.  Crown silver light bulbs – bulbs that look like they have been dipped in molten metal. They give out the most lovely light, which in turn makes me ridiculously happy - good all round I say. Now no longer produced and running on very short stocks at my local store (I'll never reveal who they are). The purchase felt vaguely illegal, but the happiness of their lovely light will outweigh the niggling sense of not being particularly environmentally friendly. I've recycled work tops and used low voc paint. Am I redeemed?

Back to painting for most of the day, but our old/new sofa should come home this afternoon which means one room may almost be done. When I say almost, I’m ignoring the mammoth job of stripping the windows – why do people paint over windows, gluing them shut? In a big city, you need any air you can get and the biggest windows here are firmly sealed. They are also covered in hideous plastic film. I’m not even going to start on the need for LIGHT. Goethe has that covered.

A brief sojourn into the studio to keep working on a particular commission – 6 quilts, then into town hopefully (I am eternally optimistic on timing) to uncover the perfect fabric for lampshades in the living room. If all comes together, then of course time for a drink  with E before we descend underground (I hate the tube on so many levels).

The day will be interspersed with patting the dogs, marveling at how quickly Darcy is growing and staring at the garden – planning. How can I cross Sissinghurst with Charleston, in just under 50 feet...

Oh and there is a lovely chicken that needs to go in the oven...

Image from Sissinghurst in the summer


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