Back with a new thought!

Unplanned absence. 4 days of stripping paneling, 4 days of painting floors, 2 days of stripping and painting the hallway, 8 quilts, 1 class at Charleston, 2 classes at The Papered Parlour, another little job which could be marvellous, Darcy's first ad shoot, a garden hoed, mulched and planted... Our house looks like our home now. Right sofa facing the right way. Quilts everywhere, tool boxes away and happy children.


Penny Young-Meyer said...

Cassandra! I love reading your blog and seeing what you are up to, Sounds like your home is coming along. I especially love your thoughts for the day... where do you find these printed like they are? Or do you do it? I would love to know. I hope you are well... and I just wanted to say hello! Penny

Cassandra said...

Hi Penny

How great to hear from you! I was in Anthro the other day looking for knobs..... Had a shoot here yesterday so the house (apart from some of the floors and the outside) is done. Huge amount of work but we had a very lovely evening sitting in a bvery peaceful house - not a hammer in sight! Quotes I find and then have a photoshop frenzy......

How are you?

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