dog love

Two dogs in central London - some say crazy. I think I'll say crazy once Darcy gets to his full size (ahem 20kg at 5 months), so no more dogs added to the family for now. I am however, looking over walls coveting 120 foot gardens and thinking to myself - 'ohh a couple of chickens, a ginger cat, maybe a piggie (kune kune please). For now though, just the dogs. 
So to push the point home how much I love them, we do have dog door jams. It gives me great pleasure to see this little fella every morning. I will draw the line at dog portraits, dog lamps and dog cushions however and I haven't patted him, yet.....


made at green view said...

I would love to have a dog to keep me company in my sewing room. I wish we could be brave enough to make the commitment. Maybe a door stop like yours will be a good substitute?!

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