What you find when you go for a walk

E works ridiculously long hours. 5am starts two days in a row and often working late, late, late into the evening. It would be very easy to slip into the never seeing each other, but every day we go for at least one walk together. A stroll, or a march dependent on weather, time and fitness needs! We try and take different routes, just to turn down a new street or discover a building (or bar) not yet found. 

We do however have one spot that we often walk past, that always brings joy. On a fence outside a house on a lovely street, is an ever changing tray of plants for sale. You can see the seasons coming and going just in that small tray. Last night, there were the first flower offerings. £2 in an envelope through the front door, and these lovelies were ours.

A walk, a glass of wine, flowers in a favourite jug and it was a very, very lovely evening.

Enjoy the beautiful weather today. We're heading out to the studio after a lovely morning in town picking up fabrics. Happy days.


Anonymous said...

Oooh jealous! What a great idea.

made at green view said...

Astrantia are one of my favourite garden plants. They look lovely in that jug.

Suzanne said...

Beautiful! The white jug is perfect for them.

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