Thought for the week - Boxing in

It being Design Week I flew around looking, comparing, looking. I wanted to be stimulated and maybe even a bit overwhelmed by talent far beyond my own skills. Being very honest, I also wanted to check and see whether what I was doing was ok, or even just made sense. I then realised that this was probably the wrong way to look. 

'Traditional' quilters are often perplexed by me. Even more so as I don't call myself a quilter. I teach, but I am not a teacher, I am commissioned to make, yet I certainly don't call myself an artist or crafter, as what I love and make has to be useful and used, as well as beautiful. I have a book coming out, yet I am not an author. I help people with their homes, yet I am most definately not an Interior Designer. And then by chance I came across the above words and realised how foolish it is to box yourself into a two word job description. We are all many things and yet we (especially me) feel the need to describe who we are by this. 

So shall we not do this boxing in thing, and maybe just get on with the job of producing 'excellent-ness' in all that we do.


Anonymous said...

Love it! - Annette of A Simple Breath

Malin said...

So true!

Tartaruga dos Tartarouchos said...

I agree! :)

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