Pushing yourself

Ask Ed - before any class I am a touch (read very) grumpy. I'm concerned -  is everything right, do I understand what everyone needs, is it good enough etc etc. I think this is a good way to be if not a touch frustrating for those around us. We all know about the exams or presentations when we were so relaxed we thought we'd flown through - invariably we didn't. I can tell you about my 'C' from Uni, but I won't because I cringe to this day about my lax approach to that paper (I am aware a C isn't that bad...).

After a class, I hope that my guests are happy, informed and even a little inspired, so what a delight when I receive emails or cards telling me they were. Thank you Rosemary - it made my day, and I'm so very glad we managed to rescue it from Darcy's jaw before he chomped it into confetti.


Emma at The Marion House Book said...

There's nothing quite like a hand-written note especially one of gratitude. What a treat.

Cassandra said...

Hi Emma

I know - just lovely! Hope you have a really lovely christmas break.

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