Why a kitchen should not look like a KITCHEN

I'm working on the plans for our new kitchen - mainly because there won't be one when we move into our new house. This I'm not keen on as a long term solution. 

I think something unpleasant has happened to kitchens. They've become the source of enormous expense and expanse, and almost make every other living room in the house redundant. So the more I look at kitchens, the more I don't like the idea of what they have become. 

I've been in kitchens with enormous 'islands' - so big in fact that there was no room for a table. Everything had to be carried up two flights of stairs to be able to sit down, or - and this is not a good alternative - meals were taking standing up at said island. I've been in kitchens where an average looking MDF kitchen cost more than the extension that was created for it, and I've visited kitchens where over-design has created a room and environment which  does not belong to the house or the lives of those in it.

A kitchen is quite simply somewhere to store food, cook and then eat. It doesn't need to be a statement, it just needs to be very comfortable, user friendly and somewhere that you can all share in the delights of delicious food. It is important, but it doesn't need to be second mortgage inducing.

Good quality and healthy appliances are an excellent start to a great kitchen as are sharp knives and decent cookware. Enough bench space to prepare what you need and a big sink to hide the aftermath. A table to sit for family and friends, and somewhere for the pets to laze (if you have them of course). And that's about it. You can choose the finishes you like, but step away from Kitchen Design companies and think about actually what you want it to be.

A few images of inspiration for me, but find what you love - something that works within the bones and heart of your own home.


Kyra loves Vintage said...
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Anonymous said...

I like this. I was watching the House Hunters International TV show recently, and some of the kitchens in old stone homes in Italy looked decidedly "un-kitchen". It really got me interesting to see you talking about now, too. I especially love that first photo you selected!

Cassandra said...

Thanks ladies - I can't wait to get stuck in - any excuse to visit an antique fair!

Julia said...

Hello. I found this post via pinterest. I love what you wrote, so true. People these days are going crazy over kitchens. Your post is a good reminder to keep things simple, a philosophy I try to follow but had not yet thought of in this context, thanks for the reminder!

cinzia said...

was having this discussion just recently with friends. we have the tiniest kitchen at our family cottage and it works just fine. everything is literally within arm's reach! easy to work in, easy to cleanup. and it is fully equipped!

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