Mollie Makes

This is pretty exciting. A very lovely article in the new issue of Mollie Makes. The best bit, is that it actually sounds like me (without the 'swear words') and that's all you can ask really. I'll be packing several off to my mother for her show and tells!

In a couple of weeks, we start on the new studio which will be a lovely space for teaching. Up high with lots of light and much bigger than before. I should do 'before' photographs, but I'm not good at sharing ugliness. Needless to say I'm looking forward to the magic of Micky the plasterer, the transformative glory of Farrow & Ball, and the delight of shopping excursions at 4am to the fairs. 
Notice how I have glossed over the back breaking sanding, painting, hoisting three flights etc etc. Nobody needs to hear about that! (nobody also needs to hear about the incessant drilling that is a constant companion here either)

So thank you Mollie Makes. It's a wonderful magazine and I'm pretty chuffed to be in it.


Lara Watson said...

Thank you so much Cassandra - it was an absolute pleasure! Lara x

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