40,000 words delivered ( well just under....) and seven days of shoots completed. I am thrilled - well beyond thrilled actually. A wonderful photographer and a great publisher. Every image is telling a story - through cloth, because I think cloth is one of the greatest storytellers. It talks of travels near and far, people you’ve loved and some you’ve lost. It talks of huge life choices and sometimes just a simple, lovely shopping experience. In my next book, Hungarian linen jostles next to mud cloth from Mali. My favourite Japanese silk looks perfectly happy with vintage army blankets and khadi cotton - well it just looks beautiful and home is of course at the forefront of everything I make or write. Old and new, fine and rustic, every piece of fabric or project has a story and place. One more shoot next week and we're off in book layout mode (did I mention I have an amazing book designer), then the fiddly bits and then it's out. October 2013 - I'm looking forward to meeting you.


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