Let us start the year off right!

How was your Christmas break? Did you rest, over indulge, make lists, scrap lists? I kept renovating, painting, moving, cooking.  What I enjoyed was the time to read design books, not just look at the pictures. I enjoyed a super walk on top of the downs. I really loved it when I had a bit of time to notice things properly - like how fantastic our new door handles feel and how quickly our new puppy is growing. Oh - and the fact I watched a whole series of The House of Elliot - simply marvellous. What I didn't enjoy (and we wont dwell) is the waste and the feeling of too much. Wasted food, wasted packaging (Ed is having conniptions' now that we have separate recycling bins) and unfortunately children already thinking about birthday presents without remembering what they got for christmas....

So very few NY resolutions except for the above. Maybe it's because I'm no longer 27 , or maybe because it's has become more prevalent in our societies, but I can guarantee you that happiness lies more in the field of time for friends, cooking and creating than it does in a 25inch television for your bedroom......

I over dwelled, but let's all think about getting to grips with the little and lovely things.....



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