A new home

Hopefully soon, we will start planning to build our own home.

A few months ago we sketched what we needed and wanted for what is our family unit. It needed to be on a few levels, so that Ed can be with his children, or one of them, I can be with them or not as needs and wants collide, and that as the children grow, there is a place for everyone to be what they want. It needs to house our many, many books, needs to give me space outside to dig and for Ed, needs to be close to the heart and vibrance of London central. It also needs to be responsible. use natural materials and not be a pretender. This isn't a grand palace, it's a home.

And then we found the image above. It's the Shoreditch Prototype House, designed by cbarchitects and it's recently won 'Best Eco Home' from Grand Designs. We're going to see it soon - I can't tell you how exciting this will be. Then it will be on the push-bike, investigating any possible piece of land in our chosen area.

Sometime in the next 2 years, these thoughts will become a reality.


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