Something for the weekend - to be idle!

As I child (maybe a teenager also) one of my favourite ways to waste an afternoon was to sit on our front fence sucking honeysuckle. Could be me on my own, me with a sister, me with the dog and a biscuit, me with a neighbour etc etc. The point is, it's easy to be idle as a child ( and a teenager). It's not easy as an adult. Idle pleasures seem a little frivolous, naughty or terrify one of being judged as being lazy.

Wouldn’t it be lovely to enjoy doing nothing for five, ten or (god forbid) thirty minutes and then, if you must, run around madly catching up.

The last of the summer weather is here and it’s sunny. Find a patch of grass, lie down, don’t speak, stare at the clouds and think of nothing.

You’ll feel better for it, I promise.

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