Artisan No. 2 - Matt Dwyer

'It takes all the running you can do to keep in the same place'. This is what you will find engraved on the lid of the silver teapot above. Created by Matt Dwyer, the little silver teapot was shown at the V & A's annual Collect exhibition in 2008. Fascinated with with idea of teatime as a ritual, he created a range that would captivate adults and children alike.

The range - entitled 'Curiouser, Curioser!' contains said teapot, cups and saucers (with curly wurly handled spoons Alice would cherish), sugar bowl and creamer, as well as a very beautiful tactile teabag. Crafted in silver and ebony and made for tiny hands, this teaset is handcrafted by an artisan and are objects of pure delight.


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