On my bedside table...

The problem with continually buying books is that the mound on the bedside table never seems to decrease. This is what I've got on the go at the moment...

Virginia Woolf - Mrs Dalloway. I've read a few of her books and have enjoyed them greatly. A huge fan of this era of writers, Forster, Lawrence ( Sons and Lovers in my top 3 ever) and Strachey, I like Mrs Dalloway very very much.

In praise of slow - Carl Honore. I've heard about it and understand the principles. When I get to read it I hope it doesn't pan out like a Malcolm Gladwell where the first chapter tells you everything you need to know and the remainder of the book reminds you how much you've wasted your £8.99.

The book of idle pleasures – Tom Hodgkinson & Dan Kieran . I love this book - great to dip in and out of. I also bought Ed The Idle Parent, just to remind him.......

Indie Publishing - Ellen Lupton. I've no desire to write a novel ( a magazine yes ) but this book for me is more about the physical making of things. An ideas book - you never know what will inspire you.

Among the Bohemians – Virginia Nicholson. The grand-daughter of Vanessa Bell wrote this. I bought my copy in a second hand bookstore in Brighton, but they have just re-issued it in paperback. Very interesting but a touch 'dry'. It's like the cast of Hello and Look magazine without the stylists and free goodies - oh and most of them were poor as church-mice. I'm just going to keep dipping in and out of it.

Dumbo Feather, pass it on. This is an Australian magazine that I rant about to anybody that will let me. It's simply five in-depth interviews with people who are living exactly the life they want - successfully. Very clever publisher, very small team and thriving in these rocky times as they don’t rely on advertising...... it's available at Magma in London.

They way we live - Stafford Cliff. Slowly collecting this series as they are just really interesting. His best is the Home and I think he would be a fascinating person to meet.

You can find inspiration in everything - Paul Smith. This book just seems to move around the house with me depending on the pile most relevant. It does what it says on the tin and if Paul Smith says it, then I believe it.

Monocle Magazine - nothing to say on this really but if I was only allowed 3 (ok 5) magazines a month this would be in it. Read it, your thinking will change and don't forget to download the podcasts. Nothing like a good opinion to spark you up.

Elle Decoration - Favourite British interiors mag - I have copies from their launch year and still enjoy them. Mind you I have thousands of magazines in storage so I could proclaim this about many mags including all the great ones that only last three issues...

Elle - I like it

British Vogue - that's the number 1 spot, 20 years and counting. I must also point out that when I was in NZ, air-freighted copies cost around $25 - say the equivalent of going to Wagamama for lunch (with gyoza). It must be love.

Inside Out - Australian Interiors mag – super, beautifully photographed and No. 4 on my list.

Wallpaper - I like it, I'm trying to decide if I love it. A few more months of trying.

Authentic French Fashions – Dover Books. Just an illustration book of Poirets, Chanels et al. The tennis outfits are particularly fetching.

Home is where the heart is?- Ilse Crawford. Now I love this book so much, it comes away on most holidays. Ed an I always pack a book bag or two (think Waitrose hessian shoppers) full of the books we might read on a weekend away. This goes every time. I originally bought this in NZ and gave it to Ed to keep safe until I arrived in London supposedly a few months later (it took a year!) A very special book for us both.
W magazine – my replacement for the now defunct Domino. It’s ok – better than Glamour, which was the other choice……


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