Floral Inspiration - Flora metamorphicae

We have all (hopefully) seen carpets of flowers - daffodils in spring, the bluebells at Kew Gardens, or even the uplifting yet humble field of rape. I have been extremely fortunate to see Flora metamorphicae – a magical carpet of ceramic flowers. The hands of humans have in fact created a thing of true floral beauty.

Flora metamorphicae is a perpetual project created by a group of six ceramic artists. The ceramicists, who are based in Bergen, work in individual isolation to shape their own blooms which, once brought together, open in a carpet of 4000 flowers. The clever idea is to have a large amount of flowers with a diverse expression, as elements in different installations, both outdoors and indoors.

The magic is in that although each artist works on their own, the collective strength of their ideas creates an ever-changing, up-lifting and beautiful viewpoint.

Magic indeed.

Images courtesy of Flora metamorphicae


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