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 You may search and search, but most of you will never find information about Mad et Len. Also, if you want to buy quantities of their Cedarwood bathwater, Gardenia candle or Coffee and Chocolate perfume, then you may have a very long wait.

Ignoring mass-production, Mad et Len products are made personally for you, to order in a little village in rural France by a husband and wife team. They gave up corporate lives to create something beautiful, discreet and memorable.

Their products are made entirely by hand - the oil is hand mixed before each measure is poured individually into a jar. Herbs and flowers are picked when needed. Their goal is to get back to the root of perfume using basic raw materials - it's about as far away from a mass consumerism as you can get.
Each product is delicious. The concept even better – is this not what luxury is? If you live in London you can find it at two of my favourite stores – The Shop at Bluebird and Petersham Nurseries.

Its simple but starkly beautiful packaging contrasts perfectly with its heady concept. And the name – well its an offbeat reference to Proust’s Remembrance of Things Past.

Heady indeed.


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