Cooking for new friends

One of the best things about my stint at Anthropologie, was meeting some new friends. I met the lovely Jo and she came over for dinner last night. There are a great number of things that I am terrible at (best not reveal them yet....). However one thing I've always been good at is cooking, or as Ed calls it "the chaos in the kitchen, the feast on the table". It's how I like to look after people, make them feel welcome. We are known for food, talk and books - I think this is rather marvelous. 

So I made spaghetti with lemon, basil and parmesan sauce. I then got a little bold. I took a Nigel Slater brownie recipe.... and improved it...... can you imagine.... The above are indeed the best brownies I have ever eaten - do you want the recipe? send me an email or a comment and I'll send it over.

Jo was superb company and Ed and I thank her for our momentous hangovers........


Alison said...

Ooh, yes. Any good brownie recipe is more than welcome here. My email is bueller{at}btinternet{dot}com. Thanks!

Ingrid said...

I love Ed's quote ~ can identify with that totally.
Please send me the recipe for the improved brownies ~ would love to try them .
Thanks. Ingrid

tippaniny said...

Oooh - am always up for a better brownie recipe! :-) BTW - am loving your blog, I just discovered you today via your comment on Pia's blog.


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