Thought for the week - what's your story?


If you have read this journal beyond the "oh look our sale, or - come to our class" entries, you might notice that I tend to think a lot about home and what it means. I had a feverish few days writing the back-story(read sales-pitch) for my Breakspears project, all based on the notion of home and what it is, what it means. There won't be any Maslow pyramids in this post, don't worry (but I do love him).

Anyhoo, the singular thought that I have come up with (does that sound like I only have one thought in my head?), is that..
Home is the on-going story of a person - where you have been, where you are now and where your life and dreams (if you're lucky enough to get those) will take you.

If you are 16, homeless and pregnant it's as relevant as being 35, married, with 2 children in a nice suburb in London.
The above picture is my older sister, me (being very much a middle child here) and my cousin Damon, outside the house I spent my first 16 years in. My mother fought to keep that roof over our head, my father was keen to take it away from us. She worked and worked and worked, but all I remember is trees and gardens, cats and our dog, my playhouse and pikelets after school.

So I guess this post is a bit of an ode to my mother. If she hadn't fought and worked, I wouldn't have what I have and think what I think.

What's your story?

Have a lovely weekend, do something nice.


Bec Hem said...

i think it's totally a testament to your mum that you remember such beautiful and lovely things from your childhood.

I got a call from my parents yesterday - our family home from 20 years ago is for sale - so i had a sticky beak at the place via the real estate's website. i don't remember any of the interior of the house, but as soon as i saw a picture of the dam and the gardens suddenly i remembered the place. those are my memories. being outside, on the tractor with dad, swimming with mum.

home is such an important thing! it's what comforts us i think when we most need it, that thought of home. safety. love. so please keep writing about it!!

Cassandra said...

Thanks so much Bec. I'll keep writing - don't you worry. Thanks for your lovely words

Vintage Simple said...

I have a little placard that reads, "Home is where your story begins." It's a cliche in some ways, but it is true. I find home is a place where there is safety and love and comfort, so that we can freely dream. The more we dream, the more the universe listens, and in turn speaks to us, no?

I grew up moving around a lot, and my Grandmother and her house were "home" to me - the one constant in my life.

I too love your writing - and was touched by your lovely tribute to your mother. Thank you for sharing it all here.


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