A few books for the weekend

Do you forsee lying in the grass/common/beach this weekend? I do, but only if the above comes with me. All my passions in a 2kg pile.

A little esoteric, so thankfully its little. Cerebral thoughts on why things look best placed a certain way. I thought it came natural - apparently it's all theory....

I was a huge fan of Elspeth Thompson. Her death recently rendered my completely useless for a day or two. Her writing is delightful and I imagine she would have been a complete delight to be around. Any garden in London is treasured (you should see our balcony) and this is a great book to remind you where, what and why.

Because I'm in charge of finding somewhere for next weekend - one that also takes a dog...... O & F love camping - simple pleasures see.....

I just like looking at Shannon Frickes books. Australian styling is fantastic. My two favourite interiors mags are Vogue Living Australia and Inside Out. There are many others that I love, but not as much as these.

1993 this was published - could have been published last month. Went from NZ to London, to NZ to London....... reference material for upcoming changes to flat.... very exciting....You can still buy it. It really is marvellous.

I bought it some time ago and haven't looked through it properly. Will read before I start drinking.


Who's been? I stayed around the corner so we could go every day. Fantastic cookbook, planning new cakes for next weekend when O & F are up. New favourite bakers ( I'm sorry Nigel.. )

My mum bought this for my birthday. I'm lucky enough to own a Frizzell and I love it. So I shall read this whilst drinking wine thinking of my mum who gave me this most excellent present.

Nothing on marathon running then........

Have a lovely weekend - and for those that wanted the pattern, I look forward to piccies. You can email me any time for the pattern if you haven't already.


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