Would you like to make one of these?

This weekend is going to be the kind of weekend, where one lays in the grass under a tree, or sits in the garden with lemonade/gin/cake/sausage sandwich and listens to the dulcet tones of, maybe, Teddy Thompson...

What one needs is something to do with ones hands. A little crafty project, but something satisfying.

Well, fear not, I can solve your needs. For my quilting classes I have created a whole variety of patterns. Now the basis of my classes is intuitive patchwork, so I don't care if you get the seam allowance wrong, I don't care if you can't cut straight. I just care that you make something that you love. The lovely woman on the right of this picture had never sewn anything - and voila!

So if you're up for it, I have a free pattern and instructions for you to start your own cushion or quilt, or whatever you want. You wont need much fabric, in fact it would be far better if you just used your husbands old shirts, or your daughters dress she's grown out of, or whatever scraps you have.

Just email me at, and I will sent you a super lovely pdf with everything you need tomorrow.

If you have Sunday free, you can always come and join me at the Papered Parlour - I think they have one spot left.


sam said...

Both of those in the picture look fantastic, but I especially love the one on the right!

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