On the hunt for a sofa

Torn - that is what I feel. I know the sofa shape I would like, but you can buy it new or hunt for it in antique shops, ebay or at markets. I know what we would like it covered in - grey wool flannel - like wearing a comfy pea-coat - marvelous, and unfortunately because George Smith is out of the budget for this purchase, I truly am torn. 

It is near impossible to find the 'clean/elegant' sofa I'm looking for and I do not, repeat do not, believe in the mantra "That will do for now". That mantra means a whole lot of land-fill.

So there are two options. The first is the above sofa from They look better in the flesh than the website which is unusual, and they are a good price. I'm slightly uncomfortable with only a 5 year warranty..... and I'm slightly uncomfortable that I'm slightly uncomfortable. So whilst I know this sofa - lovely that it is - is waiting and available within 2 weeks - even that makes me slightly uncomfortable, I shall trek around the countryside to see if I can rescue something and put it in the hands of a skilled artisan. Keep the sofa alive and keep the upholsterer in business.
Did you follow my mental struggle there?


pia said...

Totally following your mental struggle here - it's one I am all too familiar with. I just found a bedding company here in Amsterdam that sells fair trade, organic cotton sheets, pillows etc. It's taken me 3 YEARS to find such a place, and it turns out they've only been in business for 2 months and are only 5 minutes from where I live - I am more than excited! But for 3 years we've slept on what can only be described as rags- I nearly gave up the search more than a dozen times.
So, hold out, if you can, but also know I'm with you in this all the way! x

pia said...

PS Just had a look at ... they do look like they make beautiful sofas. This is a serious dilemma that would warrant further discussion over a glass or two of vino - if only there wasn't that big stretch of water between us!

Cassandra said...

This is true Pia....... drink did you say???

Zoe said...

Ironically, I do have this sofa and I do generally subscribe to the wait for the right thing ethos. I can confirm though that it is lovely and comfy and very lovely in linen......Zoe

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