An (un)healthy addiction to paint charts

I am a lover of Farrow & Ball. I am also a lover of Resene of NZ and Porters of Australia. I must now add Little Greene with its relatively new Paint scales collection. It's colours have pipped F & B on a house project. Historically based colours, full of pigment and super matt so that you feel like the walls are almost three dimensional. Beautiful colours that let books and art and people hold centre stage. I'll be using the below colours...

Pale, humble and happy.
And to continue my childhood addiction, I only took 5 colour charts. A table full of paint charts spread out is pure therapy...... I think I even giggled!


Victoria said...

Hi there,
What's the top one? It's lovely. They all are. I've been pondering paint charts over too long a time and am now totally confused. Especially over the hall (if you find yourself near Bath come and help me pontificate!) Meanwhile it stays a nasty peach colour (the last owners) dotted with labelled batches of off-grey-greige... sigh. Good luck with the painting!

Cassandra said...

Hi Victoria - how are you? It's pale French Grey. Just the best colours. I will be holed up in Brighton for the next three weeks whilst we wait for our house. Was planning a few day trips out west (taps!) so may just be able to pop in!

Anonymous said...

I, too, have loved paint charts all my life - not just for the colors, but also for the names. I love them in Italian and French as well as English and I love them for things other than paint: thread, textiles, etc.

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