Sowing seeds

On such a filthily cold day, my happiness comes from the above, or in fact a studio filled with the above. There are hundreds and hundreds of seedlings in various states in here,taking advantage of all the light. There have however been some spectacular failures, so a re-order has been made. It doesn't seem wasteful at £2 a packet for what could deliver between 30 and 300 plants. Truth be told these disasters could have been avoided. I was too early sowing but I couldn't look at those seed packets any longer. The one warm and sunny day in February (remember it?)lulled me into a false sense of Spring and I just wanted to get my hands in soil. I belong to the gloves off gardening club, which is a good thing as when I belonged to the gloves on sector, I usually lost one fairly rapidly which defeated the object entirely.

So thank you Nicky's Nursery for coffee coloured foxgloves ( I know I know - too fantastic) amongst other delights, and my own garden(s) where seeds have been dutifully gathered from fallen plants over the last few years. I'm hoping there is no orange or purple flowers lurking in there as this would be upsetting. I've always disliked these colours in city gardens - perhaps I'm missing out on something, but I think not. When you are walled in on three sides, it is green you need and great frothy swathes of the stuff - just to balance out all that concrete and grey. I could of course reject the city garden restrictions and move to that ramshackle farmhouse mentioned earlier. I might then let purple in - but never ever orange.

Sowing seeds indeed.


Nina said...

What, no old-fashioned marigolds?!

Cassandra said...

No - not even them. shameful...

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